Inventory Tips

As you may be aware the Scottish Government are introducing a Tenancy Deposit Scheme whereby all deposits received from tenants must be lodged with an approved scheme within 30 days of the start of the tenancy. The onus will then be placed on the landlord to provide evidence at the end of the tenancy if they wish to make a claim against the tenants deposit. The only way to do this is to have a comprehensive inventory compiled at the start of the tenancy and then checked again at the end of the tenancy. Fife Letting Service Ltd have been working on these inventories for the past 6 month and now feel we have the right format to help protect your deposit. To see an example inventory report for a 1 bedroom unfurnished property please check out the link below:

Sample Inventory

In addition to the written inventory Fife Letting Service will take a full video of your property prior to occupation by the tenant. We will hold this as extra evidence.

Letting Service offer an independant inventory preparation service to all landlords looking for sufficient evidence to help protect their property and to have a claim against a tenants deposit. We have tried to keep costs to a minimum and are based on the time taken in the preparation of the inventory report. Discount on these prices are available if the property is managed by Fife Letting Service Ltd.

No. Of Rooms* Unfurnished Furnished
5 or less 75 85
6 80 90
7 85 95
8 90 105
9 95 115
10 or more 125 150

*Rooms can be classed as separate areas within the property inc public areas, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, WC?s, utility rooms, halls, staircases, most 1 bed flats will be 5 or less, 2 beds 6 or 7 rooms e.t.c.

All prices subject to VAT at the applicable rate.